Silk Roses a Practical Alternative

Roses are considered the most romantic type of flower. Since ancient times, it has been recognized as the symbol for love and beauty. It is the most popular flower used in courtship all over the world. It has various colors and varieties, each having a different meaning. Fresh roses have been used in various occasions such as weddings, debuts, and most popularly during Valentine’s Day. But just like any other flower, they will wilt after a few days. That is why there are people who prefer to have artificial silk roses to use when celebrating special occasions.

Fresh roses can stay fresh even up to a week. This is possible if the stem is cut in an angle and it is soaked in fresh water. The water should be replaced every day and the flowers stored in a place with cool temperature. Expert florists use a refrigeration system that keeps the temperature ideal so the flower can stay fresh even longer. The process of keeping roses fresh can be very tedious, especially when dealing with dozens or even hundreds of flowers to be used for decoration. That’s why there are times when using artificial flowers made from silk tend to be more practical.

silk roses

Silk roses have many uses such as:

1. Used as venue decorations in formal events such as weddings, debut, anniversaries, etc.

2. Used as ornaments in designer hats, dresses and hair accessories.

3. Used as centerpiece in dinner tables during special occasions.


Why choose artificial roses during special occasions?

Fresh roses are always ideal in any occasion. However, there are times when using roses made from silk are more practical because it is less fragile, weather resistant and easier to transport.

1. Artificial silk flowers are practical because they are reusable.

Most wedding organizers would have these on their inventory and for good reasons. They often do several wedding events throughout the year. It usually involves decorating the entire wedding venue with flowers. The typical arrangement is lining the church aisle with flowers as well as the reception area, including the guests’ tables, centerpiece and wedding arc. Silk roses are reusable, allowing the organizers to decorate various clients’ venue without the hassle of buying and shipping fresh roses each time.

2. Artificial roses made from silk can brave any weather.

Artificial flowers are more durable and practical for events that are held outdoors. If the weather is windy or rain is drizzling, the flower decorations will stay just as beautiful without wilting, as opposed to fresh flowers. It would also be easier to transport because there’s no need to consider temperature during shipping.

3. All varieties of roses will be available all year round.

One advantage of choosing artificial roses is that all the types and varieties of roses can be available all year round. There more than a dozen types of roses and some of them bloom at its peak during the spring time. That is why most occasions are done during the spring because they are adjusting to the time to when the roses are abundant in bloom. But with artificial roses, one does not need to worry about availability of the flowers any time of the year.

4. Silk roses can be kept to preserve memories.

Some events such as weddings are too precious to forget. That is why some people tend to keep tokens from the wedding to preserve the memory of the occasion. Silk flowers can make a great souvenir item for guests. As opposed to fresh flowers that will wilt after a few days, silk roses can last for years.

 silk roses boquet

Will the artificial silk roses make my decorations look cheap?

Those who have not seen good quality roses made from silk are probably worried that it will look like cheap plastic flowers. That is actually the contrary. Roses made from silk are considered very classy because it is not something that is simply bought cheap by the dozens in shopping malls. These are specially ordered in couture houses and special vendors. The use of silk material makes the flower petals look more realistic. The flowers are also colored and tinted like real roses. The shimmer of the silk fabric makes the flowers glisten when touched by sunlight or any bright light. When arranged properly under proper lighting, any venue can look magical with these silk flowers. It can accentuate any fancy looking hat or hair accessory. Additionally, these types of roses actually cost just as much or sometimes even more than real flowers.


How are silk roses made?

It is not easy to make high quality artificial roses. It requires a special skill in crafts and fabric that is not normally taught in handicraft schools. Silk flowers are specially made in Couture Houses, some of the most popular of which are located in Paris. It is created by prestigious decorators and designers such as Yves Saint Laurent. These are high quality artificial roses that are used in designer hats, ornaments, clothing, bags and hair accessories.


How to clean silk roses?

Proper storage and periodic cleaning of silk roses is the key to keeping it looking fresh every time. With every use, it can accumulate dust, grime and stains. Regular dusting with a feather duster, blow dryer or vacuum is recommended to get rid of surface dust. To get rid of dirt, the silk fabric can be wiped with a damp cloth or a wet cotton bud. It is important to wipe using a very clean cloth so the dirt won’t spread and seep into the fabric.

One can also try a silk roses cleaning spray available in hardware stores, DIY stores or online shops. The silk roses cleaning spray can dissolve dust on contact. However, this kind of spray is not always 100 percent effective and may still require manual dusting.

Another solution is dry cleaning the artificial flowers in a bag. Fill a bag with half a cup of salt or cornmeal that will act as tiny scrubbers. Put the flowers inside the bag and shake gently for several minutes.

When cleaning silk flowers, it is also important to check what materials the stems and leaves are made of. Check if the materials were glued, taped or simply snapped on. By checking these things, one can be more careful when using heated blow dryers or vacuum so as not to dislodge any of the parts assembled.

Cleaning silk flowers can also be done professionally. If unsure about what to do and how to clean them properly, find a reputable cleaner that can do the job more professionally.


Cost and how to purchase silk roses

The cost of silk roses is almost similar to fresh flowers. Depending on the quality, the cost of designer high quality roses made from silk fabric can even be higher. The internet is the best resource for canvassing silk flowers. Choose among a variety or resellers online and compare prices. Ask about shipping fees and options as well as return policy for defective items.

Purchasing silk flowers may seem costly at first. But because it is reusable and can be kept for years, it is actually cheaper in the long run. Event organizers, florists and business owners are not the only ones who can purchase these flowers. It is also an ideal item to be purchased by people and families who love to throw parties. They can reuse the artificial flowers yearly when celebration special occasions.

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