Yellow Roses for special occasions!

Everybody loves to receive flowers. The appreciation and heartfelt warmth that the gesture brings is universally pleasant, so giving bouquets of beautiful blooms is still one of the most popular gifts to give friends and loved ones.

People seem to know exactly what kind of flowers to give on special occasions. For a special someone on Valentine’s day? A bouquet of red roses is ideal. Are you looking to add a special touch for your first date? Try giving a single stem or even a bouquet of white roses.

Giving flowers and red and white roses go hand in hand together that it is hard to imagine the practice without them, and that it is easy to connect which flower color works in the current event or context. Roses come in different colors, however, like pink and yellow. When is it appropriate to give flowers of these rose colors? What occasions call for yellow roses?

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History of yellow roses

Compared to the more popular red, white, and pink roses, yellow roses are fairly new. Whereas red and white roses have been popular since the ancient civilizations like the Romans and Turks, the yellow blooms were just discovered in the 1700s. The bright roses were found growing in the wilderness of mostly within the Middle East. The yellow roses were taken back and were crossbred with other varieties—since the native yellow rosebuds has a pungent, even unpleasant smell—leaving us with the sweet-smelling sunny yellow roses loved by many today.

There are now many different kinds of yellow rosebuds, mainly hybrids from European roses to Chinese teacup roses.

The Significance of the Color Yellow

Much of the meaning of flowers comes not only from the kind of flower, but also from their color. Like the transformation of the yellow rose from the wild to the sweet-smelling cultured variety, so did the color yellow transform from something that represents negative emotions to more positive connotations.

In the old days, the color yellow predominantly represented the sun, inheriting everything else that the sun represented. Many ancient civilizations worshipped the sun, or have gods and goddesses that represented the sun. For the most part, the sun embodied health and energy, which what was passed onto the color yellow as well.

However, during the time when the brightly-colored roses were discovered—that is, during the 18th century—much of the Western world were in an era where the color yellow was not in very high regard. During those times, yellow was associated with jealousy, sickness, and even cowardice. Back then, when giving of flowers primarily for deciphering the hidden meanings it held became widely popular, yellow roses bouquets or single stems were given to convey jealousy or a failed love.

Over the years, those negative connotations associated with the yellow blooms have been dropped from use, and the flowers have retained the original symbolism of the color yellow.

yellow roses

The Meaning of Yellow Roses

Most people associate roses with love and affection, but that is not the case with the yellow kind. The yellow rose is still associated with love, somewhat, but in a more innocent, platonic way. It conveys the kind of love shared between siblings and friends, and not the kind of love normally shared between lovers or couples.

Nowadays, yellow rosebuds are widely accepted to mean friendship, good health, and joy—much like the original representation of the color yellow and the sun. These are strong happy emotions that carry the bright, sunny atmosphere that the color yellow gives. These bright, sunny roses are usually given to friends, or between males and females with a platonic or non-romantic relationship.

Occasions Appropriate for a Yellow Rose Bouquet

While red roses are big during Valentine’s, and white roses reign supreme on weddings, when is it appropriate to give someone a yellow rose? There are several occasions where the happy bloom can be applicable:

Friend’s Birthday: Gentlemen can still give a lady friend a bouquet of roses without giving the wrong impression. A yellow rose or even a bouquet is a wonderful gift for a friend’s birthday. Aside from letting him or her know that the two of you still remain as friends, giving a bouquet of the yellow roses also imply that you are wishing him or her to have joy!

Aside from friends, these flowers can also be given to family members, such as between siblings. These blooms can also be safely given to co-workers, especially to bosses or managers who would appreciate the gesture but not take offense, or take the wrong kind of intention.

Visiting the Sick: Another meaning of the sunny roses is “get well soon”. This makes this flower very appropriate to give to someone who is in the hospital. However, be sure to check that that person is not allergic to roses, and that his or her condition allows him or her to receive fresh flowers.

A bouquet of these roses is also a nice gift to grandparents, whether they are recuperating from illness, or otherwise. The bright flowers will give their room a sunny, cheery atmosphere that will lighten the mood on any occasion.

Cheering the Depressed: Do you know someone with a case of the blues? According to psychologists, the energizing effect of the color yellow makes it a good color to surround those who are depressed or apathetic. If you have a friend who is in a tough situation, or is struggling with a problem, giving him or her yellow roses are a wonderful gesture that will surely be cherished.

Sharing Good News: If you have a friend who is celebrating an accomplishment, or has come across something worthy of celebration, a bouquet of yellow roses is a good way to express your delight. The cheery color will convey your message of happiness.

Do you have a friend who just recently found out that she is expecting a baby? Sending a bouquet of yellow rosebuds is a good way to express your delight while conveying your wish of happiness to your friend for her forthcoming blessing.

Turning Down a Suitor: Consequently, a yellow rose can also express words that may be too difficult to say verbally. Ladies can give a flower or a bouquet to a gentleman who they do not wish to have a romantic relationship with but wish to remain as friends. Giving the fellow a yellow rose is a gentle way to turn him down without having him go through a probably painful conversation.

Aside from that, the yellow roses can also be given to express a desire to be someone’s friend. Two people who have quarrelled might rekindle their friendship by giving and receiving the yellow flowers, or an acquaintance might give a flower to someone along with his or her offer of friendship.

Much of the romanticism associated with roses has been muted when it comes to the yellow-colored variety. Instead of overtones of love and passion, the youthful, cheery color of yellow rosebuds pertains to friendly or fraternal love, the love shared between innocent youths and family members. It is a beautiful flower holding a handful of beautiful meanings within its heart. Surely, receiving a bouquet of yellow flowers, especially if they are enchanting roses, will brighten anyone’s day!

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